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Seven Day Guarantee on all fresh and salt water fish!
To receive a 7 day guarantee on your fish purchase, all you need to do is bring in a water sample from your aquarium on the day you intend to purchase fish. Your water test results need to be within the following acceptable ranges:


   Freshwater  Saltwater
PH  6.8 to 7.4  8.0 or higher
Ammonia  0  0
Nitrite   0  0
Nitrate  n/a  2.0 or less

If your water quality is acceptable the fish you buy will be guaranteed for 7 days from the date of purchase. You must ask the sales person to stamp your receipt and the water test results with our 7 day guarantee stamp. If your receipt is not stamped the fish guarantee will be 24 hours.

If you need to make an adjustment to your water quality, you can leave a 50% deposited on any fish and we will hold it for up to 5 days.

If you should need to take advantage of our 7 day guarantee, you need to notify us within the 7 day period and bring the fish, a separate water sample and your stamped receipt into the store.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our guarantee does not cover death due to power or equipment failure or incompatibility with tank mates. There is no guarantee on all stingrays, sharks or feeder fish.